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Thursday, 6 November 2014

November wants

Okay so having not blogged in a week *slaps back of hand*, I thought I'd do a slightly longer than normal post:) I did a 'wants' post in September and it quite popular, so I thought I'd do another!
First is something I am so so so desperate for! This is the No7 boots advent calendar. I actually did a whole post on beauty advent calendars here, and this one is the cheapest of the beauty ones available,  and No7 can really do some great products. I was going to buy it because I saved a bit of money for it, but they don't have them in the boots that is 'local' and close to me, so I will buy it whenever I go into town next, but I doubt they will have any left then:( Anyway, for those who don't know, it has 25 (I think, it might be 24!) different No7 beauty products for you to open everyday in December leading up to Christmas. I just think it is a great idea and something to look forward to!

I saw this scarf in 'Miss Selfrigde' the other day but I didn't have any money on me, but it is super nice and wintery! It is £16 but these are really in fashion in the minute. They are actually one of those fashion items that won't make you freeze to death though! Which is always a positive!

In case you didn't notice, I slightly love Christmas (too much) and I am really excited for it! I have a Christmas jumper with a penguin on I think, but to tell you the truth, I really want another one to wear in December! This one is cute, but I honestly don't care which one I get, I just want another one!!

I am a huge lover of candles, even though my mum doesn't really let me have them, but I really want a Christmassy smelling candle, to get me feeling festive! I think these scents add to the atmosphere when you are snuggling in blankets or watching a Christmassy film!

The Kate Moss lipstick is something that I have been wanting for literally months! I have never really got around to buying it because something always comes first, or I didn't have enough money etc. However, they are well known for being good lipsticks and a lot of the shades are very autumnal and I really just want one!!

These 'Real Technique' brushes were actually in my original 'wants' post, and I still haven't got around to buying them! I am desperate to get them and I honestly think I might order them at the weekend. Every time I do my make-up, I look at my other brushes, thinking how lonely they must be, and how they must really want some purple friends! I have really got into eye shadow recently and I would just love some decent brushes! This is the one thing on my list that I am 100% going to be buying!

So last on my wants list is this 'Body Shop' foundation. This is a very new want for me, but when I was in town the other day (with no money!) I came across this beauty, and I found a foundation shade that was honestly the best match for my skin that I have ever come across! It is £13 and I was actually looking for a foundation because mine was running out, but I had to go for a slightly cheaper option because of the limited money! This is definitely a future purchase though! You know when you just casually fall in love with an item because it is so perfect? Yeah that is me with this foundation!
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading a few things from my current list! xxxx