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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Favourite apps

**Sorry that the photos are so bad quality! I take photos on my iphone normally, but I obviously couldn't take a photo of the app because they're on my phone, so I had to get images from online and I couldn't find any non-blurry ones!!**

This is completely un-beauty related but I kind of felt like doing a 'my favourite apps' blog post today.
This app is similar to ebay, but it is made specifically for clothes. People can create an account and can then either buy clothes that other people have put up for sale, or you can sell clothes yourself. The app is so easy to get your head around, and you can either just browse in general, or you can be more specific in what you are looking for. It allows you to narrow down your search but choosing a category (e.g. dresses, shoes, skirts etc) and from there you can choose a size, colour, brand, maximum prize and how often it has been worn. Often they haven't been worn at all so you are effectively getting new clothing for a fraction of the price. Most things are relatively cheap, and definitely far cheaper that you would get them in shops!
I have never brought anything from here because my mum is a bit funny about me buying stuff online, so I simply browse and torture myself by seeing all of the amazing clothing that I can't buy, even thought they're at such amazing prices! Because I have never brought anything before though, I am not sure how well the process works of getting the items you have brought, but I haven't heard any complaints about it!
I actually came across 'Vinted' through one of Niomi Smart's videos, where she mentioned this app in a favourites video. Along with this she gave a discount code of 'Niomi' to get £7 off one of your purchases. This was at least a month an a half ago I think, so I don't know how long this code would work for but if you do get the app and see something you like, then it's worth a try!! And the app was free which is always good!

This is another shopping app, but the difference is that you can look at what actual brands are selling. My friend told me about this app and I only started using this the other day but I worked out how to use it within about 3 minutes! It is such a simple concept but it works so well!
The way it works is by you registering first of all, which I'm guessing is so that if you buy something they know how to contact you etc. You can then continue but going onto the 'brands' section of this app, where you can select a particular shop you may want to buy something from. I have personally been loving 'Boohoo', 'Converse', 'Miss Selfridge', 'Misguided' and 'New Look'.
There are about 70 different brands to choose from, which is a lot of choice, and it becomes an excellent way to spend your time when you should be doing other things, e.g. school work!! ;) New Look is one of my all time favourite shops, and I have brought about 5 pairs of converse before, but I had never even thought of shopping at places such as 'Boohoo' and I hadn't actually heard of 'Misguided' before! Even though I'm not allowed to order online, (blaming my mother, again!!) I have found a really lovely dress from Boohoo which I am going to try and convince my mum that I need (because that will work!!) so that I can get it!
The simplicity of this app is truly one of the best things, as once you have selected a brand, an item of clothing or something from that shop appears on the screen, where you can 'evaluate' it (that's not quite the right word!!) and decide if you like it or not. If you are simply browsing, like me, then you can ignore the 'buy' option and either swipe the photo of an item that comes onto your screen to the left or to the right! To the left means you don't like it and don't want to save it, and to the right means this item will be saved for you, for you to look at again later!
'Mallzee' has honestly been one of my favourite apps recently, even if I did only get it the other day! It is such a great app to just browse through and you can spend any time from a few minutes to hours, looking through different brands and items of clothing! It has a filter so that you can specify what type of clothing, size or whatever you want. I would highly suggest this app to anyone wanting an easy way to compare items from shops without having to open a million and one different tabs on your computer!!
This could be one of my favourite apps ever if I'm honest! I don't use it all of the time, and I sometimes forget about it, but it is great after an event or something has happened.
For those of you who don't know what 'Flipagram' is, it is an app which allows you to collect some of the pictures you have on your phone, instagram, facebook etc, to make them into a short film that is normally no more than 30 seconds long. It enables you to change the length of time that each photo lasts for, add music and even special effects.
As a teenage, I am frequently running out of storage on my phone, and this is normally down to music or photos. However, I am one of those people who doesn't like to get rid of any photos on my phone, just for the memories (even if I have already put them on my laptop!!) With this app though, I combine all of my favourite photos from one time period or event and I then can delete the photos from my phone, because I can look at the short video I have made instead! It makes me smile to look back at some of the things I have done this year and I was literally grinning like a Cheshire cat looking at them all just before I wrote this!!!
I haven't actually made this sound like the amazing app it is, but it honestly is so good!! Just try it once and you won't regret it! Like I said, I don't use it all the time, but I look at the videos I have already made quite frequently, which always cheers me up if I'm feeling down! My first video using 'Flipagram' was of my school trip to Berlin, and I have made others of my birthday, days out with my friends, my family holiday and more! You will see certain photos you forgot about, that will make you smile!!  
Hill Climb Racing
I'm going more into the gaming side of things now! I have somehow managed to practically write essays for the other apps so I will try and make these not quite as long!
I have always been a lover of games, but about a week ago I realised that I only had 2 games on my phone, which is a surprising low amount for me! I got this app about 6 months ago and loved it, but completed the large majority of the game, so I therefore deleted it to clear some room on my phone (coming back to the 'I need more storage' point!) I decided to re-download it because my brother actually got it on his iPod, and it reminded me of how fun it can actually be! You're probably thinking that I am quite sad right now because it is in fact, just a game, but it is great! You basically have 2 buttons; gas and brake, and you just go along different 'settings' and you can gain coins and unlock different vehicles and terrains so it is a fun little game! I would say that this game is quite good at de-stressing you, well it is for me anyway! I think because you have to put a tiny bit of concentration into the game, but not too much, it manages to distract you from whatever you are stressed about, and when you come back to that task you tend to feel a lot calmer!
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 
 Okay, I'm sure that a large number of you have heard about this game! I'm a bit late on the bandwagon with this particular one, but I really love it now! My best friend initially suggested it to me, saying it was amazing, but I hadn't got enough storage (I think we have come to the conclusion that I need more storage on my phone!!!!) so I put it off for a while! It is just one of those progress games where you create a little story for yourself whilst rising to fame! I really do enjoy it and it makes great entertainment when, once again you are meant to be doing work!
Because I have started using it later than everyone else though, they have made improvements to the game that weren't there before. My friend who suggested the app has finished the game now, but when she was using it she didn't have some of the options that the game now offers and she was a bit jealous that I will have this choice now!
The only other thing I will say is that I downloaded this about 2 months ago, and deleted it within the day because I thought it would be really boring and repetitive, but because of the vast amount of positive reviews back from this game, I thought I would give it another go, and I'm so glad I did!!
Thanks for reading this ridiculously long and most likely boring piece! I thought I'd do something a little different because I have downloaded a few different apps within the last week! I love reading your comments so feel free to leave one:) xxx
These app are all free and you can find them on the app store. The links are below:


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