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Saturday, 4 October 2014

September Favourites

I thought I'd do the classic 'monthly favourites' blog, and just show you some of the thing that I have been loving this month!

Umberto Giannini 'Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly'- £10.50
I have naturally curly and thick hair, and this is the hair gel/product I have always used. However, about a month ago I stopped using this and left my hair to dry naturally. I have re-found my love for this product though very recently, because it tames my hair a little bit, whilst adding a healthy looking, natural curl. I just squeeze some onto my hand, rub it around both of my hands and rub it through all of my wet hair, followed by a 'scrunching' action! To give it more volume I tilt my head upside down whilst doing this!! (I look really great, as I'm sure you can imagine!!)

This is perfect to enhance natural curls that are already there, but I think it only works with naturally curly hair. But I think it works with all types of curly hair, so loose curly and really tight ringlets!

Arctic Monkey's CD 'Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not'
I have actually had this CD for a while, and when I first brought it I LOVED it. I just couldn't get enough of it! I stopped listening to CDs for a bit, but I decided about a week ago to listen to this CD again, and I have somehow gone back to the stage of not being able to get enough of it! I use it to just 'relax' I guess, because I find I can just sit do something like go on my laptop for a bit with this music blaring. (I would also highly suggest listening to this whilst wrapping presents, it goes down a treat!!)
I brought this for 'That's Entertainment' which is a really cheap shop for CDs, DVDs box sets and a few other things, so I don't know how much this would be from other shops, but amazon are selling it for £6.27.

Volume Million Lashes Waterproof (excess)
I did a review of this mascara a few weeks back (click here to read it) and I am just in love with it. It makes your lashes look so full and not fake or anything, which is a positive for me because I personally like to avoid that look!;) I won't talk too much about it because I have done a review on it but it is honestly one of the best investments I have ever made, and just go and buy it basically!!!
The online price I can find for this is £14.75, but I'm pretty confident I paid about £10 for it.

Real Techniques Powder Brush - £8.40
This has to be my all time favourite makeup brush, ever!! I have quite oily skin and I therefore apply powder quite frequently. This brush is sooo soft and I could literally spend so long just brushing it against my skin! Not that I'm weird or anything, I swear!;)
It has a fully coverage and applies the powder nicely. I take this with me most days, where its to school, work or just out with a friend.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer -£5.49
This concealer that is so well known, but for some reason I have never tried it. My old concealer did a good job, but it was running out so I thought I'd try this one. It is really good at covering under eye circles and spots. It doesn't cover last too long on my chin/spotty areas, which is the only problem I have with this product! I have come to rely on it, and often take it with me to school to re-apply in the day.

Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad Eye Shadow 'Sun Safari' -£5.49
I decided to treat myself just before I went on holiday in July and buy myself a new eye shadow. I am so glad I got this one because the colours are such pretty tones, but they can be quite subtle depending on which ones you choose to use. You can't really tell from this photo but the colour of the far right looks a bit destroyed, and that is because I dropped this on the tile floor on holiday and made a huge mess everywhere!!
This eye shadow 'quad' style container is one of many others, and there are different colours. I decided to go for the nude kind of colours, but they have some really funk colours and combinations. The great thing about these eye shadows is that they have a thing on the back that shows you how best to apply the colours provided. I really, really want to go and buy another one soon, and honestly I am tempted to buy one next week!

Brown Satchel
Lastly, is this brown satchel which I now use as my school bag. This was a steal, at only £15 from a small shop that sells luggage bags. I brought it just before going back to school and they had quite a few similar ones on sale. I got this one mainly because it was the biggest, so I could fit my folders in! I really love this bag because it goes with pretty much any outfit somehow, and it has magnets to clip the bag shut, making it easy to get stuff in and out. It hold quite a few things and I am ever so slightly in love with this bag!!
As usual, thanks for reading! This is my first ever 'favourites' blog so I wasn't too sure how to go about it. Let me know in the comments if you liked it or not and any tips are always welcome!!


  1. I like the sound of this concealer! I always wake up looking like death warmed up! Your bag is very nice too!

    1. Hahaha omg I'm sure you don't!!! That is one of the funniest comments I've seen!! Thank you:) and thanks for checking it out xxx

  2. I love the Million Lashes mascara too and that satchel is awesome!

    Bella Pummarola

    1. Its great isn't it?! Thank you!!:) xxx

  3. I have never tried rimmle's wake me up canceler i have looked for it but never found it. I hear everybodys raving about it and I really want to try it.

    1. It is a really popular one, and it does a good job but I do find that it comes off during the day and therefore redness is revealed again, but for under eye circles it is great!! Thanks for reading xxx