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Sunday, 7 September 2014


Hi guys,
I don't really expect that anyone will really be reading this but if you are then hi I guess! I never really tried anything like this before and I've always fancied doing it. I'm not entirely sure what to write in this huge blank box before me whilst I sit in my pyjamas if I'm completely honest, but I guess the plan is to just write when there is something to write about!
I understand that this is extremely short but thanks for reading it if you did and if anyone has any tips or suggestions for what I could perhaps write about then it would be muchly appreciated!!

Love Hannah xx


  1. The blog Beautician on YouTube is the best, maybe try that to start?
    I just started my blog and it's helped me. :)

    1. I'd never heard of that channel before but I just searched it and it looks really useful! Thank you for the tips:) and thanks for reading xxx