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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Stationery haul

I really love stationery, and I use the excuse of 'going back to school' in order to buy a few stationery bits that I don't necessarily need, but that I couldn't resist!!
I went a bit OTT with folders this year! I have saved some of my lever arches (the few that aren't broken) from last year, so I only needed smaller folders. And yes, one of them has jelly beans on! I really didn't want any completely boring or plain folders and I decided to cover my plain black folder in jelly bean wrapping paper, purely because it looks so much prettier! I have a plain red and a plain purple folder but at least they're in pretty colours!

This is the writing paper I decided to use this year, and I got it (along with most of the things in this haul) from the stationery shop I work at. It tears easily at the side, the paper is a nice quality and it isn't too thick, so it can fit quite easily into my bag for school, .i.e. it's perfect for me!
I saw this at work and I just had to have it! It's a cute little notebook with one of the nicest designs I might have ever seen for a notebook! When I saw it I kept trying to think of an excuse in my head for why I needed to buy it! I finally decided it was 'necessary' to keep track of all the money that I spend, because I swear, the moment I get paid, it disappears in about a week!
You may be thinking I shouldn't spend money on this notebook and other unnecessary stationery items, but with my discount I got it for just under £1 and I get most things really cheap!! How could I say no?!

This is a 'to-do' list, and I was actually trying to find one of these last year, but gave up and just made lists all around my room! It is really useful and it also has a magnet on the back if you were to want to put it on your fridge or somewhere similar! I normally buy pretty things and then never use them, but I have actually been using this quite a lot and I am pleased I got it!

I got this about 3 months ago, because it was pretty and it is really thin. I have gone off it now though, and I don't really like it! I use it all the time for school, but I don't love the design and I wish I had got a different one if I'm honest!

I write a lot of q-cards for revision, and it just makes revision so much more appealing if it's in colour!!!! (In my opinion of course!!) Last year I had some thin felt tips, but I have quite small handwriting and you either had to write really big to read it, or it would not be eligible!! I saw these and thought they would be perfect, which they are, and I now use them almost daily!!

This isn't particularly exciting but I thought I'd just show you the q-cards I use! I get through sooo many of these, and there were green cards as well, but I've already used all of them!! You can write on both sides of these ones and I wouldn't be without them!!

This might be my favourite purchase! It is a 2015 diary and it is so cute!! I fell in love with it when I saw it and I still love it now! It is really small and thin so it will fit easily in my bag and it takes up next to no room on my desk! The fact that it is really pretty just made me want to buy it and I got it for really cheap (again;) ).

This is slightly different from the other things I have brought. I don't really 'draw' because I'm not particularly good at it, but I find it quite relaxing sometimes just to do sketches of characters or people or whatever really. I haven't had much time to actually use these yet because I have been overloaded with school work, but the few times I have used them they have been really good. I am still getting used to them but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough!! ;)

Finally, I have this superdry pencil case/ make up bag. My friend actually got me this for my birthday, but I thought I'd include it anyway! The colours are really nice and I really love it. I haven't used it as a pencil case yet (I don't know if I will) because the zip is only across the very top part, and doesn't go around to the sides, therefore limiting your access to the inside of the pencil case! I don't know if that made any sense, but basically it doesn't open as much as I would like and my pencil case it always full to the brim anyway, so I'm not sure if it would fit everything in!
I use it as a makeup bag at the moment though, and I really love it because it is just big enough to fit my brushes in!
Thanks for reading and I love reading your comments! Always happy to follow for follow as well:)


  1. I love stationary, especially pens :) That diary is just too cute :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Thanks for checking it out!! xxxx

  2. I love the pens and the notebooks! Really nice!! Feel like buying more notebooks now even though I don't know what to use them for since I am using a few already! haha! x

    1. I have at least 3 beautiful notebooks that I don't use!! It is really bad so I feel your pain there!!;) Thanks for checking out my blog