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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Review: Champneys nail polish

For my birthday last month, my friend got me the 'Champneys classic nail polish collection kit'. I love having painted nails but since I've started back school I haven't really had the time to paint my nails often. I decided to have the night off the other night from work and painted my nails with the 'Mulberry' polish (the dark purple colour). I had also used the 'Ruby' colour very soon after receiving the set, and I was extremely pleased with the results! The polish didn't chip for at least 3 days which is very impressive by my standards!!! It was easy to apply and dries relatively quickly. The polish is completely opaque after 2 coats, saving a lot of time in comparison to some other polishes!
Overall I am extremely impressed with this nail polish and I would probably say that they are my favourite nail varnishes!!
I honestly looked for ages trying to find these online but I couldn't find them anywhere! Both Boots and Amazon say they're out of stock and because it was a present I don't know how much they cost, but I would 100000% advise anyone to use these and they have a very glamorous finish!!!
Thanks for reading, and as usual, any tips, comments or followings are appreciated and very welcome!! xxx

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