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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Review: Cath Kidston shower and bath gel

I received this for my birthday from my friend and they look so pretty don't they?! Anyway!! The three different 'scents' are 'Bluebell and Jasmine', 'Rose and Peony' and 'Lime and Mint'.
So far, I have only used the 'Lime and Mint' one (the green one) and it smells really nice. The liquid/gel itself is really runny and not too thick which I don't love about the product. The bottles aren't huge but are quite a nice size. Having said that, the one I am using at the moment hasn't lasted me a very long, time and it is almost empty. I think this could be because I use quite a lot because the formula is very thin.
The smell is really amazing because it isn't too powerful and overwhelming, but still smells pretty and kind of like flowers! Once I have finished the one I'm using right now, I will definitely use one of the others and not use a different shower gel I have stored from previous birthdays or Christmases!!
Thanks for reading and any comments/tips/followers are always welcome:) xxx


  1. I love Cath Kidston products, these look lovely! :)