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Monday, 29 September 2014

Review: Topshop Matte Nail Varnish

 I've probably had this nail varnish for a year now, and every time I use it I'm not disappointed! I brought two different colour (as you can see above!) One is a light blue and the other is a grey/black. When I brought the second one I thought it was black, and when it came out more grey than black I was a bit disappointed, but I should have read the bottle really, and it has grown on me since!!

The reason for me buying these was because they were quite cheap (for Topshop!), and the fact that they were matte intrigued me! It isn't entirely matte, in that it still has some shine to it, but I think it is a different sort of shine to a normal nail varnish if that makes any sense!! You can tell that it is different to most polishes when it is on your nails basically!!
I use the blue coloured varnish far more than the grey one, but that is because I don't have too much time to paint my nails, so when I do I normally go for something brighter and happy I guess! I have used the grey one a few times though and it looks really nice, but I had a problem when I got the bottle, because the brush didn't have a straight edge. About 1/3 of the bristles in the brush were about twice as long as the others, which obviously wasn't meant to happen. I had to try and cut it with my scissors but I obviously couldn't get a straight line and this is one of the main reasons I don't wear this polish very often. I don't go into town too often so I didn't return the product, I just put up with it!
The consistency of the polish is really nice, and it is easy to apply. I am really bad at painting my nails and always manage to get the polish everywhere, and even I didn't fail too miserably with this polish! The brush is quite thick and wide, but at the same time not too wide, making it a perfect size (in my opinion) to apply nail varnish!

The one criticism I would have for this polish is that it takes an incredibly long time to dry fully. If you wear nail varnish frequently then you will probably know what I mean when I say that a coat of nail polish can be dry, but you can still put dents and marks in it if you aren't careful! After about 2-3 hours I was still having to be extremely cautious not to get too many marks in the polish (which I failed at, miserably!!!)


Topshop isn't one of my favourite shops, in fact I would say that they polishes are one of the only products I have actually brought from there! It is far too expensive for me and the style is a little 'out there' for me. I often don't dare to look in there because the prices scare me to be honest!!;) However, I would highly recommend this polish as it is easy to apply, it is matte and it looks really nice! I painted my nails with this polish on Thursday, and it is now Monday and is still quite in tact! It didn't chip until at least Saturday night/Sunday, which for me is really good! They cost me £6 each and I would highly recommend them.
I just checked the website, and there are 10 matte varnishes on there, which have the same packaging/design as the ones I have, but the 2 colours I have aren't on there. I am liking some of the colours on there though so maybe I will have to treat myself to another one soon?!
Thank you for reading this and any comments/tip are welcome, read and loved!!


  1. Both of these are gorgeous! I love a matte effect for A/W :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. I think the darker one will be better for when the weather isn't as good, it would have looked like a bit of a downer in the summer I think!!

      Thanks for reading:) xxx