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Friday, 12 September 2014

Review: Eyeliners

I have only been wearing eyeliner for about a year, and over that time I seem to have brought a few more liners than I realised and I thought, why not do a quick review!

'Rimmel London GlamEyes Liquid Eye Liner' - £5.29
This eyeliner was the very first eyeliner I ever brought and I really liked it. The quality of the eyeliner itself isn't the best that I've come across, but I really liked the brush on this one. It's quite thin which I found useful when I was first trying to learn to apply it! The liquid itself has pretty much run out now and I don't use what is left of it because it has turned quite gloopy and not very nice. I have kept it because I think I might buy this one again, purely for the easy appliance! I would 100% advise this to anyone starting out with eyeliner, but maybe not for those looking for a better quality eyeliner and because it would sometimes crack near the corner of the eye. It was quite cheap and I used it so much that the writing has come off of the container!!
'Bourjois Volume Clubbing Eye Liner' - £6.99
I found this eyeliner was quite a nice consistency and reasonably easy to apply. However, I was used to the 'Glam Eyes' liner by this point and found it quite hard to adapt to this brush! It was quite good value for money and lasted a long time. The main issues I had was that it didn't dry particularly quickly, meaning that if you weren't careful you could easily smudge it, and that it had a tendency to crack and leave it looking a bit 'patchy' occasionally! This won't hurt you wallet too much though and it is good for how much you pay!
'Rimmel London ScandalEyes Precision Micro Eye Liner' -£5.49
This eyeliner was a different type of eyeliner to what I had previously purchased. It is a 'felt tip' effectively, compared to the 'pot' liquid liners I had used before. I adjusted quite easily to this and I didn't have too many problems with this eyeliner. The problems I did have consisted of it liner not coming out as an opaque line sometimes. It is also quite a thick tip making thin ad precise lines difficult. The main problem I had with this eyeliner though, was that the tip didn't really keep it's shape after a month or so of use. It became a bit 'flimsy' if you understand what I mean by that!! I wouldn't re-buy this particular eyeliner and I haven't tried a felt tip liner since.

'Maybelline New York Khol Liner'- £2.99
This is the one eyeliner that I was 100% dissatisfied with. I don't know if other people have had the same problem or if I just had a faulty product, but when I turned the bottom of the product to produce more liner, it just didn't turn or work (hence the tiny stub shown in the photo above!!) I couldn't get any form of straight line using this liner and the bottom bit actually snapped off and I think I must have thrown it away so it's not in the photo. I guess I should have expected a crappy product for only £3 but this liner was a total waste of money for me personally. Oh and I didn't return it because I brought this then kind of went off using eyeliners, so by the time I actually came to using it, I couldn't have taken it back!

'SEVENTEEN Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner - Tattoo Me' -£4.99
This eyeliner I really liked. Admittedly when I picked this liner I was in a hurry and didn't take the time to read it properly, therefore not seeing that it is semi-permanent. It is very easy to apply though and it does last for a long time. On the bottle thingy it states up to 48 hours use, which I tried and the majority of it does stay, but you would definitely want to 'top it up' as it were after one day. If you know that you want to wear eyeliner for 2 days in a row then this is a good way to save time I guess! I haven't used it frequently because it can be quite hard to get off, but the brush and liquid are easy to use. As I previously said, I had a bit of a break from using eyeliner but I used this liner to get back into it, and the brush made it really easy to re-learn how to apply eyeliner! Definitely worth the money!
'Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner'- £5.29 
I brought this eyeliner only a week ago, but I already really like it. The liquid makes for an easy and smooth application. The only thing I could fault about it right now is the brush/applicator. It's quite short and stubby which I find quite hard when you are trying to do a line right above your eyelashes! It is probably something I will just have to get used to like previous liners though!

I just realised how long and probably boring this is but I hope it interested someone and thanks for reading:) As usual, any tips or comments are welcome and appreciated:) xxx


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  2. Thank you so much!! I will happily have a look:) xxx

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    1. I'm glad you found it useful:) thank you, I'm going to go and check yours out now:) yes I'm happy to follow each other!! xxx