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Monday, 8 September 2014

Review: Real techniques

Hi everyone! Recently I ordered the 'real techniques core collection kit' and I thought I'd do a quick review of them.

The first brush is the buffing brush which I have been using for my liquid foundation daily. It has a good coverage, that doesn't look too thick and leaves my skin looking quite smooth. Before ordering the set I read a few other reviews, and the general conclusion was that this brush doesn't have enough bristles so isn't good for full coverage but I have found that it does the job well and I would recommend this brush!

This next brush is called the 'detailer brush' and it is meant to be used for your concealer. I found this brush way too small to use for concealing problem areas, but I have found it quite useful for doing the inner corners of my eye shadow and even the whole eyelid! Other people have said that it is good for applying lipstick, so it really is a multi purpose brush that you can use to tailor your needs!

The contour brush is designed for highlighter, but seeing as I don't wear highlighter I decided to use this brush for my bronzer! It does a good job due to the different length bristles, but I find myself using my powder brush to blend the bronzer out sometimes. When I read reviews though, many said that it does a very good job at applying highlighter so it is good at what it is meant to do!

The final brush is the 'pointed foundation brush'. This particular brush is designed to use with liquid foundation, but the brush is tiny!! And I mean tiny! I couldn't believe that I was meant to cover my whole face with this brush! It is about 1/3 of the size of my old foundation brush and I gave up with using it for my foundation about half way through using it for the first time! However, I do like a full coverage and I think this brush would be ideal for a very, very light covering if you just want to even out your skin tone! This is the stage that I resorted to the buffing brush for my foundation, and I decided to use the brush for my concealer. This brush works wonders when trying to cover spots or just discolouring in different areas of the face! It is bigger than the detailer brush but smaller than the buffing brush that I use for my foundation, making it the perfect size to cover spots and circles under the eyes.
Overall I would highly recommend this set of brushes. I got it for just under £14 on amazon and I think the coverage it provides it very good. After writing this, I realise that I use each brush for something different than for what they were designed for! But as long as it works for you then I don't think it really matters and I am very glad I made this purchase!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you if you got this far when reading it!!


  1. I really want to get my hands on those brushes! Great review!

    Mary x

  2. They're really worth it:)!! thank you for reading it!! xxx