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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Hi!! I thought I'd do a quick thing on things that I had really been wanting at the moment. I don't earn much from my Saturday job so I don't generally have the money to spend on these sorts of things! In a dream world this is what I would spend my money on basically!! I hope you enjoy :)

I've been wanting a nice pair of brown boots for a while now and I simply haven't been able to find a pair that I like! I really like the style of this shoe and that it has quite a small heel (which is good because I'm 6ft tall!) although I'm not too keen on the colour!

I saw someone review this bronzer from the body shop and they said that it was good for people with quite a light skin tone, and I describe myself as a 'milk bottle'. In case you haven't gathered I really am quite pale and the bronzer I have at the moment is simply too dark for my skin and I have to put minimal on and try to blend it very well! I might have to treat myself to this soon because it would look a lot better than my too dark bronzer right now!

I have seen a few people around recently in checked-shirts and I'm really starting to like it, if I'm completely honest. They look really comfortable but you can wear them with a black mini skirt maybe, or just some leggings or jeans and any shoes really!

This is an eye shadow primer, and I'm not after this one specifically, but I really would like one as I feel that is one of my main problems throughout the day; making eyeshadow last! They aren't too expensive but I've never got around to buying one, so that could on the list for the near future!

I am slightly in love with this! I couldn't find a picture of this nail polish in the colour I've love, but it's basically a red, but it has a matte finish (there is no shine). I saw someone's youtube video and I think they were wearing it, and it has stuck in my mind since and it looked really pretty when I saw it before!

If you read my last blog post then you will know I'm a fan of the 'Real Techniques' brushes. This kit is for eyeshadow which I have started getting into, in the last few months. As time has gone on with me using eyeshadow, I've noticed more and more that a brush for blending would be good, and one for the crease of your eye etc. These brushes are reasonably priced and it is definitely high on the list!!

For my birthday last month, my mum got my a scarf which is really really nice, but I haven't really got many clothes that go with. But since then I've been getting into the idea of scarves and I will probably invest in one or too for the autumn and winter months.

Again, I really like this scarf and I think you could get away with wearing this with quite a few different outfits. This can also be brought normally in quite a thick material for it can be used to keep you warm as well as make you look good!!

I have a black mini skirt and I really like it, but I would love a tartan patterned one! I think you could match it with a black leather jacket maybe and a cami top. I was online shopping/browsing the other day (as you do) and saw a skirt like this but it was red and black, not white and black which looked really nice but I couldn't for the life of me remember where I saw it! This one is still really nice though and it would make a change to me just wearing my black skirt!!

Last, but not least is this gorgeous kimono. I am literally in love with this kimono. Words cannot describe my want for this! I saw it online yesterday and was like "I need this". I do already have 2 kimonos though and I don't think my mum would be impressed at my buying another! I honestly can't describe how much I love this. This needs to be in my life at some stage quite frankly!!
Anyway, this was a bit longer than last time but I really appreciate if you read this because I really do enjoy write. Any tips at all are welcome:) Follows would be loved too:) xx


  1. loved this post :) I really want those real techniques eye brushes too :) I just followed, your blog looks like its got great things to come! please check out and follow my beauty and fashion blog:

  2. aww thank you so much! That actually means quite a lot to me, just knowing someone enjoying it!! I have followed you too xx

  3. I love the real technique brushes too! :D

    1. I'm in love with the ones I've got!! xx

  4. The skirt is so so pretty! I also love the real technique brushes, I'm slowly but surely making up my collection :) Which is your favourite?

    1. Thanks for reading:) I only have 5 brushes at the moment but I love love love my powder brush!! xxxx