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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Review: L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation

This foundation isn't one of my favourites that I have ever had or used. It is quite thick, which is good for a heavy coverage, but I think it makes you look quite fake, and you can't really blend it. It kind of looks like it is just sitting on your face, in a bad way!! If you understand what I mean ;)!! It also comes out very orangey, making it hard to prevent the 'foundation line', where your foundation stops and it is just your skin. I have the 'Rose Vanilla' colour, which could be the problem as I am very pale and I don't think this quite matched my skin tone.
I have seen a review where someone said they loved it though? My friend had the same foundation, and agreed with me that it was too thick and very orangey, which I don't think looks particularly 'good' or nice. It is £9.99 in boots so is an average price for the high street but I wouldn't advice this foundation personally.
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